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How in-house translators spend their holiday(s)

Does a translator really switch off? Or do they end up looking for translation errors in restaurant menus. Three lists are key to me in switching off.

Health Work/life balance

Colleagues, Translators, Interpreters – look after your ears!

Although I am not (yet) a member of the ITI, I follow their content on LinkedIn, and one recent post particularly hit home, to the extent that I felt the need to add some remarks to a post of my own on the issue of “aural health”.

Work/life balance

Mental Decluttering

In 2014, while travelling around the world, I did a “brain dump”, taking the time to mentally declutter as I travelled around the globe. In 2021, I put an extended period of sick leave to use for the same purpose. What does the future have in store? Python, geocaching and a pain au chocolat…