Michael Bailey speaking in Bonn


Experienced (Austrian) German to (British) English translator focusing on financial market supervision law. Has worked with customers within the Austrian public and private sectors and has been involved in translation of all aspects of banking supervision and resolution – from the cradle (authorisation/licensing) to the grave (orderly wind-down in resolution) since 2014. Translation of a wide variety of primary and secondary Austrian legislation, soft law instruments, as well as web content and financial literacy information. LangTech savvy, pre-dominantly as a power user of Trados and MultiTerm (since 2004) but remains a strong advocate of the preservation of human translators and interpreters, with an active preference to MITL solutions rather than HITL solutions.

I switched to being an in-house translator in 2014 after fourteen years specialist German > English translation as translator. I work in a government authority in Vienna, specialising in financial market supervision translation.

Having previously condensed my thoughts through 140 and latterly 280 character tweets, I have decided to move to blogging as a longer form of communication for conveying my thoughts about translation-related issues. My Twitter/X handle (t9natno5) continues to be active, and I am also on bluesky. as @mdgb.bsky.social.

I’m learning Python, in particular to find ways of using it to help me with some tasks in relation to my work as a translator, and am also doing a number of courses in Coursera as part of the Single Supervisory Mechanism Data Science School initiative.

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