Always be curious!

I follow a lot of translators via Linkedin, Twitter and various blogs. I do this to avoid silo thinking as well as to gain impressions from the outside world and to understand the market. During the pandemic, where conferences have gone virtual, Linkedin and Twitter have become useful conduits to continue discussion. They have allowed me to converse with other language professionals, even when physical events have ceased.

Work/life balance

Mental Decluttering

I was recently felled by acute hearing loss and tinnitus, coming at the end of a busy year. The doctors I went to really advised me to try to avoid noise as part of the recovery process. It meant that while off on sick leave I read a lot on my Kindle and avoided noise where possible (easier said than done with three lively children aged three to five). As part of the noise avoidance, I went to the supermarket in noise cancelling headphones, avoided public transport except for going to the doctors. I struggled most on the U-Bahn, particularly with the sound when a train comes out of a tunnel and goes into a station. Masked and with a hood up, I probably looked to all intents and purposes like I was definitely up to no good.