Abstract – ASTTI Summer Conference 2024 – Spiez

I will be leading a workshop for financial translators at ASTTI’s Summer Conference, to be held on 3-5 July 2024. This is the abstract for my workshop:


The workshop also draws on practical examples from primary and secondary national banking legislation relating to banking supervision translation from German into English on subject matters that are currently in and out of the news headlines, and some of the typical communications by supervisory authorities towards supervised entities, sister authorities, or the public.

A set of exercises for consideration in small groups will cover frequently encountered issues in banking supervision translation, focusing on stylistic elements like rendering issues from German into English and differences in the primary and secondary legislation of different German-speaking countries. The exercises will also reflect the broad spectrum of activities that fall within banking supervision and focus on aspects of translation for different target audiences (e.g. fellow supervisors, employees of supervised banks, and the public).

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