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Python Code to generate bilingual EUR-LEX web addresses

A little bit of Python code for generating URLs for bilingual versions of EU legal texts in Eur-Lex for subsequent alignment.

Macros Productivity

Stripping non-breaking hyphens in Word

While non-breaking hyphens are useful in Word, they are rendered as tags in Trados – which can cause problems with missing tags in the target translation.

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All Quiet on the Translation Front

Did imposter syndrome issues stem from a poor result in a degree module? Handling imposter syndrome and perfectionism as a translator.

Productivity Talks, Lectures and Presentations

ETUG 2022 – incorporating eTranslation into Trados workflows

The European Commission has an MT tool that is available to public administration agencies and authoriities and EU institutions that can be integrated into Trados workflows

Always be curious Work/life balance

How in-house translators spend their holiday(s)

Does a translator really switch off? Or do they end up looking for translation errors in restaurant menus. Three lists are key to me in switching off.

Health Work/life balance

Colleagues, Translators, Interpreters – look after your ears!

Although I am not (yet) a member of the ITI, I follow their content on LinkedIn, and one recent post particularly hit home, to the extent that I felt the need to add some remarks to a post of my own on the issue of “aural health”.

Always be curious Personal

Always be curious!

Recently a post on Linkedin asked what piece of advice would I give myself at the start of my career. My response was “Always be curious”. Even after two decades as a translator, my curiosity is far from waning.

Work/life balance

Mental Decluttering

In 2014, while travelling around the world, I did a “brain dump”, taking the time to mentally declutter as I travelled around the globe. In 2021, I put an extended period of sick leave to use for the same purpose. What does the future have in store? Python, geocaching and a pain au chocolat…

Work/life balance

Please forgive me for not being a TWaT.

Why I went for Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays in the office and working from home in the middle of the week – practically the opposite of the TWaT model


Lockdown Learning: How to Excel as a translator

Learning a simple function a day in Excel has been a useful step to be proactive in the 4th national lockdown, while still being very busy.